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Remodeling Of the Bathroom, Remodel of the Bathrooms, & Specialists in Katy TX

We are the local bathroom renovation source for Katy TX and are delighted to support residents in that town. We will work closely with you to turn your bathroom into an oasis of comfort that you deserve. When was the last bathroom survey? When you purchased your home, when you were most like it, it would come with a bathroom that fitted. But remember how long you spent in your shower. It is a room which serves many reasons for starting your day and finishing your night, where you have a break from the external pressures. It is a venue for fun, relaxation and fast taking.

Handy & Plumbing Service in Katy TX

We are Local business offering specialist bathroom upgrades, plumbing repair and excellent customer service for the people of Katy TX. We have the know-how and expertise to assist you with every work, from a modern retrofit device to a complete overhaul of the bathroom and kitchen. We offer wide range of plumbing services for both residential & commercial clients. There has been tremendous progress for your bathroom, and we are here to help you.

Plan your dreams' bathroom

If you start dreaming or are thinking about upgrading your bathroom, let All Around Handy support you to make your dream come true. We have the skills and knowledge to ask the right questions and to partner with you to have the bathroom you have always been waiting for. Our showroom is a beautiful place to see what we have to sell and we would love to see you.


Our designer will help you pick the items based on the original in-house meeting and negotiate material costing and implementation pricing.


From the outset of the project to the end, our whole team is dedicated to customer success.

Experienced Labor

We trust that if the customer is well educated and can see what his concept looks like, his custom bathroom refurbishment is in our hands, and his dream is a reality!

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